Monday, December 15, 2008

15 Month Checkup and Shots

This week we took Brayden for his 15 month checkup and shots appointment. Boy was Mr. Brayden none too happy this week! Two of the shots were in his arms...and since that was a first-he was pretty upset! The other one was a leg shot, but it was done after the two in the he was EXTRA mad at that point! He was pretty quick to calm down afterwards, but OH MY! Since Brayden is so curious and active now...this Doctors appt was exhausting to say the least! Thank God Ron was with me because after the initial check-up and him grabbing at the stethoscope, ear probe, paper on the table, his clothes, my necklace, my hair, Dr. Lynn's hair, Lynn's jacket etc etc etc...I was sweating! Seriously. Then Brayden decided he wanted to get down and explore some more with only a diaper a room that has probably seen a million sick see where I am going huh?)...but I was so exhausted at this point...I put him down and let him run! Whats a fried mother to do? Let him build up those immunities! Exactly so. I was a moment of duress-don't judge me :-)

I am not even going to go into how he fell and bonked his head on a table during this little "exploration" he was on! (yes-he did).

On a lighter and happier note-the little Chunk of Love, and I mean CHUNK of love....weighed in at a whopping 30 pounds! BUT-he is 33 a bit on the high end, but healthy none the less! He is doing well developmentally-all that jive was great...and he is happy and doing just fine!

Thank God we have known Dr. Dunham (Lynn) since I was a little girl! It is so nice to have a Dr. for Brayden that our families have known each other for as long as I can remember. It also helps in moments like these ones because she can actually look at me at laugh at me for it :-) Sometimes small town life is good! :-)

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