Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas is upon us...

It's officially Christmas 2008! Wow! Time flies so fast. We are getting very anxious for Christmas Day. We have so very much to be thankful and grateful for this Holiday Season. Brayden will probably open one gift and take off playing for the rest of the day, but we are greatly anticipating staying home having a low key day to play with Brayden and his gifts from Santa. Christmas Eve we are making cookies and giving him frosting and his own sprinkles to go to town on! That should be fun.

Ron and I used to spend so much time talking about "when we have children". We never had a clue that it would be THIS great! Brayden is such a happy little boy, and he is so much fun to be with. He is our greatest gift ever! I thank God every single day that he has given me this wonderful little soul to care for, and love. Here I think I am the one teaching him about life...but in his short 15 months in our lives-he has taught us so much more!

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