Thursday, February 26, 2009

PhotoStory Friday!

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

This photo really does make me laugh. It's terrible...but it does. When Brayden was about a month old...I placed him in his swing and pressed the #3 speed swing button as he was almost fast asleep. It seemed to be swinging really slowly, and he started to get fussy with it-so I thought a faster paced speed might be a bit more soothing for him, so I bumped it up to #6 (naive new mommy that I was). As the swing started to pick up a faster (yet normal) speed-I left the living room to go into the kitchen to do the whole "wash the ba-ba's" routine... as Brayden seemed to like this slightly faster speed and was slowly drifting back off to sleep.

I turned the water on for a mere 30 seconds and all of a sudden heard horribly loud cries and screams coming from Brayden from the living room. I dropped the bottles in the sink-and ran back into the living room (heart in my stomach)...and that #6 speed had that swing zinging him back and forth like nobody's business...poor child actually had his little fingers on the tray-holding on for dear life with pure fear in his little face! I felt horrible. Here I had only been a Mommy for a month and I had already traumatized my poor baby-thinking I would NEVER be able to bring him to the playground and that he will have a horrible fear of swings for the rest of his life without quite ever remembering why! I called my mother and was sobbing I felt so bad.

I's easy (and horrible) to laugh about now...but c'mon Graco-really....the swing would NEVER need to possibly go THAT fast to make a baby happy...

Needless to say I don't have many pictures of Brayden in his swing because he really did not enjoy it after that episode- (can we blame him?) He is not completely damaged though-he does not mind the swings at the playground, so I lucked out I guess-WHEW!
This was my official Mommy mess up moment #1. Glad that I have made so many mistakes since then that I have no shame in sharing this one with everyone :-)
Happy Friday!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is how he rolls....

The other morning I carried Brayden downstairs and our typical routine is to change his clothes-diaper etc...clean bottles, turn on know the drill. Well...I put him down on the floor to play as usual and carried his bottles into the kitchen to wash them and start his breakfast. Brayden was unusually quiet so I peaked in on him from the kitchen and this is what I saw...Brayden chillin' in his big boy chair like...this is how I roll Mom :-) He just makes me gut giggle....stinker.
Picture 020

February Snow...

Last week when my mother was in town visiting-she insisted we open the blinds so Brayden could see all of the snow outside. Since he is the perfect height to see out the window now-I said go for it...thinking he would be non-amused of course! Silly me...we can't keep him away from it now. He wants to put his sunglasses on and stare's pretty amusing to us actually! Here is a picture I snapped of him observing ALL of the Snow we received last week. Fun stuff.
Picture 037

Friday, February 20, 2009

PhotoStory Friday

PhotoStory Friday

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek
Brayden really enjoys his cinnamon stick graham crackers, and so does Daddy. The other day we were getting ready to leave the house, and Daddy had one of the sticks half hanging out of his mouth as he leaned over to pick Brayden up. All of a sudden, Brayden decided he wanted some of that cracker and went in for a bite. We both laughed at how cute that was. He continued to do this thereafter so I had a chance to grab the camera and capture this sweet little "feeding".


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Walk for Lupus...

As many of you are aware, I have Systemic Lupus. I am an active Lupus Foundation e-advocate that encourages congress and elected officials to support legistlation important to people with Lupus and their families. This is something that I am very passionate about. I have been a part of the Lupus Foundation of America and it's efforts since 2000.

To learn a little medical history and information about Lupus-please click HERE.

This year I am planning my first Walk for Lupus Now! In the past-there was never an area that I was close to in order to join. This year I will I am going to participate-and I am REALLY excited about it. The walk is in St. Petersburg, Florida June 6, 2009. My goal is to register as a team since I have a lot of friends there (that I'm hoping I can convince to participate as well with me). I will need to (beg) for donations in the next few months...but for now I am just keepin' it simple. :-) For more information on the walk and what this means for people with Lupus-click HERE.

Some Lupus Tid-Bits:

  • Lupus Awareness Month: May
  • World Lupus Day: May 10th
  • Lupus symbol: Butterfly
  • Lupus Color: Purple

To read my personal story I submitted to the LFA regarding the Zero in 50 Campaign that was chosen and featured on the Lupus Foundation website click HERE. (I am the 4th one down on that page). My personal story will be one of many that is being delivered to Congress during the LFA's Annual Advocacy Day on March 2-3 2009. I am praying all of these stories will encourage increased funds for research.

If you would like to participate as well in the Walk for Lupus Now this year, please click on the link I provided above to locate a walk or chapter in your area. I would be tickled if you participated in anyway at all! Lupus awareness is so important right now because many people still do not know what Lupus is-or the affect it has on those living with the disease. It is the ultimate "you don't look sick" disease. As the Lupus Foundation Awareness campaign explains it..."Someone you know has Lupus".

Table Salt...


Ok, so I was inspired to write this post because a total sweetheart friend of mine mentioned purchasing a gold fish for her adorable sweet as can be littles ;-)

I was immediately reminded of my childhood goldfish (and yes-there were many), and I felt compelled to tell the mommy blog world this little piece of goldfish MAGIC ;-)
Okay-circa 1982...I received my first little goldfish. I named him-fed him-watched him swim in his little bowl...and then before I knew it-I came home one day to find him belly up, and I was deeply saddened. My mother quickly went into the kitchen and grabbed the table salt-YES you heard correct-table salt. She shook it on my fish and "stirred" him around in the bowl with her finger-after only a few attempts at this-little goldy started whizzing around the bowl-BACK TO LIFE-I am SO.NOT.KIDDING!
I thought my Mother was the most amazing, magical, awesome mother EVER! (Mind you-this gold fish lived for like 5 years after this)! Each gold fish I ever had thereafter-I would beg my mother to "salt" them back to life...and she usually did.

Now...back when Ron and I first started dating-his little sisters goldfish had jumped out of its bowl and onto a chair-where we found it...sadly laying there. Ron went to flush it down the toilet-and I convinced him that I could revive the fish. (insert a seriously perplexed and a slightly scared look from Ron here). I took the fish-placed it back in the water-"salted it" and Voila-that little thing started zooming around that fish bowl like his jumpin' out of the bowl episode had never even occurred! Ron then looked at me like I had looked at my mother that day ;-)
So, now that every mother out there in bloggyland thinks I am totally insane-I will end with this. Obviously it is a challenge and is heartbreaking when your children are faced with any kind of loss. It is a very valuable lesson to learn, and one that needs to be handled so delicately. We all know there is no wrong or right way to deal with the inevitable short lived lives of goldfish-but if you are ever in this situation and WANT to bring old goldy back-all I have to say is--- Table Salt Ladies...Table Salt ;-)

You could hear a pin drop...

Ron and I finally broke down and purchased portable DVD players for the vehicles. Luckily the set we found actually separates so we can have one in his car and one in my Uplander-with separate remotes! Woot-Woot! I am NOT a technically savvy individual by any means, so I will just stop there...but they are indeed cool...and they keep Brayden very occupied in the car! Not that he wasn't before...but having the luxury to play Wow Wow Wubzy on the move seems to keep him ULTRA CONTENT. It's actually kind of funny-perhaps Brayden knows it's still a novelty-but he is SO quiet in the car that we could actually hear a pin drop I bet ;-) For any parent considering advice is GO GET EM!

Drummer Dude

My Brother Todd, sister in law Beth and nieces E & M got Brayden his very own drum set for Christmas this year! He LOVES it! He is actually pretty good on them too! Here are some ultra fun pictures Mommy snapped the other day as he sat down for his very own "jam session". Haha!
Looking :-)
Funny Little Guy:

Monday, February 16, 2009

Grandma's visiting...

So far, Brayden has been having a total blast with all of the attention he is getting from Grandma! Mom arrived Saturday night and will be here until the end of next week. Today we ventured to the mall for some R & R, and to give Grandma a chance to push Brayden around in his stroller (she loves that)!

I of course had my camera on me so I started snappin' some fun photos. You can tell my mother was that I was making her stand in the middle of the aisle of our mall so I could capture her and Brayden. (Doesn't she look amused)? Once she finds out I blogged these pictures on her so called "bad hair day" she is going to kill me ;-) Sorry Mom!
Since we were near one of those stuffed animal machines (and my mother has been obsessed with winning toys from them for her 7 grandchildren over the years)...we had to make a quick pit stop. I think she was trying to torture me for snapping pictures of her in the mall :-)
Here is Brayden waiting as patiently as one 17.5 month old can! His dramatic "whoa whoa whoa's" could be heard echoing the mall hallway!
Grandma usually stands at these machines until something or anything is won! Here is proof that Brayden had waited long enough for a toy...he was spent. Time to go Grandma!
She is too funny. She did not win anything because the machine would not take her coins...I was just being dramatic for the sake of a story :-) She truly is a nut though when it comes to these toy machines. She will seriously stand there for a good half an hour at times to win something for one of the babies in the family! Now that's Dedication-you "go-go-go-go" Grandma!

Click Photo Studios & Brayden...

A few months back we took Brayden to Rob Siglers Click Studios to have his photos taken. He did SUCH a beautiful job, and made the experience ultra awesome for Mommy and Daddy as well! He has officially launched his Click Studios website-and Brayden is one of the "Click kids models" on his site! How exciting is this? Mommy and Daddy are tickled as can be, and are so honored. Here is his website link. Once you on Enter our new Site, (flashplayer will show several pictures there, one of which is Brayden)...then enter the Gallery, and click on click kids...and you will see two more pictures of Bray there! We could not be more excited about this-too fun!

Play Date: Chapter 1

Brayden had a play date this weekend! A good friend of mine Kelly came over with her daughter Genevieve to visit with my family and I, and Vieve and Brayden had hours and oodles of playtime fun together! Kelly and I have known each other since we were this little ourselves, so watching Vieve and Brayden playing was very sentimental to us. Bray and Vieve are only about 6 months apart in age-perfect to interact with each other.
Brayden at first was apprehensive to share, and was being overly boisterous when Vieve started to get some attention over him, but he adjusted well and by the end of the play date-you would have thought they were brother and sister! We took tons of pictures, both doting mommies we were sitting there giggling at their every move-but here are just a few that were ultra cute! We plan to have many more play dates in the near future as this was really a ton of fun.
Debating on sharing Wow Wow Wubzy or not...
FINALLY sharing something of his with Vieve!
Playing with her in his beloved Ball Pit :-) and being nice!!!
He didn't push her I swear ;-)

Baseball Baby

I just had to post this. Daddy bought Brayden a baseball "uniform" outfit last week ( he could not resist)! Here are some pictures of Brayden sporting his outfit with matching hat and all! Daddy was so excited... I should have gotten photos of him after we got Brayden all dressed-THAT would have been funny :-)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Project Happy Hearts

Kacey over at Chronicles of a Mommy has started something beautiful! As I mentioned last week it's called Project Happy Hearts, a project designed to make someones heart happy in honor of Tuesday Whitt, a special little girl who passed away from cancer. Kacey explains it quite delicately in her posts on her blog-you really need to go over there-she truly is a beautiful person that has inspired many to make a difference-Thank you Kacey!
As a parent it is unimaginable to think of losing a child. Tuesday's parents have touched me through their faith, understanding and hope during a time when their pain is insurmountable.
When I learned about Project Happy Hearts, my heart wanted to contribute as well! So...after thinking of many things to do...I decided to call my (another giving and kind spirited beautiful person) sister in law Beth. She is a Kindergarten teacher at Love Elementary School here in Jamestown. I asked her what her thoughts were about this...and she too immediately wanted to help! We decided since her students were learning about "love" and "amore'" this month in honor of Valentines Day that we could encourage them to do something as well to display and spread the love! So...Beth was on a mission...she quickly announced to the other teachers at Love what she was trying to do...and they too jumped at the chance to make hearts happy today! Each student made Valentines cards to distribute to our local hospital WCA. We had wanted to also deliver them to Buffalo-but due to some schedule changes-we were unable to make it there today. Beth said the students were quite excited that their cards would be going to children and adults alike at the hospital-and that they were able to make someone smile today! More importantly...the message in this for all of the children is the understanding and compassion that comes from learning to love and give selflessly to others in need and for a special cause. I believe it is something that will stick with them forever-and that is a lesson of giving and empathy that will always continue to prevail in those children.
Beth came over this afternoon and picked me up armed with over 60 colored (adorable as can be) Valentines Cards made by the students at Love. We drove to WCA hospital and delivered the cards to the hospital staff in time for them to deliver them to the patients with Dinner tonight. A couple was standing in the waiting room when we arrived armed with roses (obviously there to visit someone)...we told them what we were there to do, and Beth offered them one of the colorful cards to present to their visitor! The elderly woman seemed quite touched that a student from Love made this for our mission today!
Once Beth and I delivered the rest of the cards...we stood in the (now empty) waiting room quiet for a moment. Beth and I gave each other a hug and decided to head home. We both felt good when we chatted about how special dinner would be for these patients tonight. We giggled together and started to leave the hospital...but not before Beth did a little happy dance in the hall on the way out...God love her! It was special to be a part of this-Thank you Beth and Kacey!

Happy Valentines Day. Make sure to squeeze your loved ones today and always-with smooches :-) Happy Heart-ing!

Friday, February 13, 2009


I came across this photo tonight on my computer and just had to post it. This was taken on my 2nd Birthday (I apologize for low picture quality-but it was scanned in-AND it's an old photo-haha!). I could not believe how much Brayden and I look alike. I have some pics of Daddy too-will have to scan those in as well at some point, but I thought these were fun!

We have a button!!!

I FINALLY figured out how to create a box AND a button to link directly to our page. I am so excited! So...please feel free to copy our code to steal our blogpage button. I am pretty darn proud of me! Sorry...I'll stop tooting my own horn now...just tickled :-)
Here she is:
Grab my button:
The Snow Family Link

Thursday, February 12, 2009

PhotoStory Friday!

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek
Mommy and Brayden have a special thing. They are called BuzzerBoo's. My Dad used to do this to all of us when we were little and we would laugh hysterically every time! When Brayden was born, I started giving him BuzzerBoo's every chance I got! When Brayden got to the age where he understood how to give BuzzerBoo's himself...he frequently started to come to Mommy wanting to give me Buzzer's on my cheeks - My big fat chubby cheeks. Once I give him one-he gives me one- and we go back and forth for a bit with it. He giggles every time, as do I! He won't give Buzzers to anyone but Mommy, and I think that is so endearing and special. Others have tried to ask him for one, and he will kindly give them a kiss...but no dice on the buzzer. It's great! It's our special thing. I just love them. Whenever I ask for a one-he faithfully comes over and slobbers a loud one on my cheeky! It melts my heart every single time.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Big Strong Boy...

Daddy and Brayden have a game..."Big Strong Boy". Daddy lays on the ottoman and Brayden "tips" him over. Daddy over zealously falls backwards onto the floor making all sorts of "ouchy" noises, and Brayden giggles incessantly...
Picture 160
And when I say incessantly...I mean INCESSANTLY!
Picture 159
My two "boys" crack me up ;-)

Tubby and Tinkle Time

Mommy got Bray out of the tubby the other morning, and wrapped him in his sweet little teddy bear robe-all clean and smelling like a fresh, clean little boy (all soft and warm and snugly)...and then this happened...
Picture 126
Picture 125
Sorry Mommy!
Picture 129
But, it's actually kinda funny!
Picture 130
Yes, yes it is actually kind of funny Bray...

Hope it made all of you giggle as much as it did us!
Here's to Happy Tubbies and Tinkles!

We have created a monster!

Yesterday Ron fed Brayden his first bite of a Jelly-powdered donut! Here is Brayden jelly lips and all. We have seriously created a monster! He loved it, and kept coming back smacking his hands on Rons knees wanting more saying "eat eat"! You are too funny Brayden.
Picture 095
Happy about this newfound love for Jelly
Picture 064
Bray-did you steal the jelly donut?
Picture 067
No Mommy... :-) (haha)

Monday, February 9, 2009


You will have to excuse my crazy new face lift folks. I have been working on changing my blog-giving it a face lift of sorts. Hang in there with me until I finish everything....right now I am just playing around with ideas/formatting! I will be back posting tomorrow with pictures and updates on Project Happy Hearts.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snowman (Aka: Superman)

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Last night Daddy put Braydens new pajamas on and he miraculously turned into Superman! He took on his new superhero responsibility with great excitement and character.
After taking some much needed direction from "Wow Wow Wubzy" on the Noggin channel...he decided to sit and contemplate his next superhero endeavor...
First...he needed to learn how to fly like superman. He started with learning how to get that running start.
"Golly! I saw a boy out there run as fast as the train! Faster, even!"
Daddy helped him out a bit with the whole "flying" thing...
Then it happened...he spotted the big mean ottoman, the one he loses every small toy under. This started Brayden thinking...what if? He knew what he must do and started to exhibit his confidence...(Abs and all :-)
He knew he should tip it over at once to display his Superman powers and to free any and all lost toys...
He quickly ran around the ottoman to put it back down as he did not realize superhero powers made him this strong!
"The toys are safe again Superman, Thanks to you".

Good Job Bray, Good Job :-) -We love you, Mommy and Daddy