Friday, October 12, 2007

Sweet Cuddling

Brayden snuggled Daddy lastnight after he got home from work. Guess the little guy needed some loves after missing him all day. I thought this photo was absolutely precious. Brayden seems to love skin to skin contact and it calms him when he gets a little cranky. For the most part...he is a very calm baby, and loves to be relaxed, rubbed, burped, and snuggled. We find ourselves staring at him a lot! We are like crazy parents trying to take the perfect picture of him, and adoring every little new thing that he does. He has started to follow us more with his eyes now, and we love to watch his little gas bubble smiles as he falls asleep. He makes the cutest little laughing sounds, almost as if he is mocking is quite funny. Today he actually held his head up while lying on his tummy, and held it there for a few seconds. He has already learned to role himself onto his side, and is trying to figure out mastering thumb sucking. I can't wait to see what he will do next. Ron said he can wait...he is not ready for his son to grow up so fast. Yet, he is anxious to see if he will be left or right he is praying for a left hand pitcher. Guess we are never going to get away from the baseball thing. That's okay though. I'm sure our little snowbaby will love it as much as his snowman daddy does :-)

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