Thursday, October 18, 2007

Brayden is eating cereal!

A few nights ago Brayden started to become increasingly irritable due to being hungry so frequently. We have been feeding him formula until now...but finally at his 6 week mark...he has been acting like he wanted more. sister in-law Beth came over the other night armed with Rice cereal and baby spoons, and we "suited" up for his first cereal feeding. We mixed just one Tbsp. with 1/2 a scoop of formula with his nursery water...and made it very soupy. I gave him his first spoonful, and after he mowed it around his mouth for a moment...he figured out how to swallow it. Then he let out a huge scream for more! So...I gave him another...and he screamed again....gave another...he screamed again...and so on until he had just about finished eating. I could not shovel it in his mouth fast enough! We let him wash it down with water in his bottle every few bites...but he continued to whimper in delight with each new bite! It was adorable. Beth switched with me and at one point while she was feeding him...he grabbed the spoon from her hand and pulled it into his mouth with a little controlling grunt. Stinker! His little belly was finally distended, and he could barely keep his little eyes open. He was so full, and so was beautiful. Needless to say...going from sleeping every three hours, to sleeping that night for 5.5 hours...I was very pleased! His bowel movements changed slightly, but he is doing well. Last night be fell asleep at 10:45, and did not wake again until 4 mommy is finally getting caught up on some much needed rest! Motherhood is exhausting and wonderful all at the same time. We will post feeding pictures soon :-)

We are just gearing up for Halloween now, and I will start making his costume this weekend sometime. Daddy had a great idea...but you will have to wait to see the pics until after Halloween! Yes...we are kind of dorks...dressing him up so young...but what are firsts for if you cant have fun with them you know? Until then...much love to everyone.

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