Monday, October 29, 2007

Baseball Baby... Happy Halloween!!!

Sunday night I started working on Brayden's Halloween costume. Ron and I knew we wanted him to be a baseball glove, with his head being the ball coming out of the glove. Next was making it. I went to wal-mart Sunday evening, and got all the material and accessories I would need for it. Ron said he would be surprised if I could really pull this costume off. I do know how to sew, but have never made anything except curtains. This is Grandma's thing...sewing costumes. I decided to dive in last night, and drew a pattern from looking at Ron's baseball glove, and hoping that it would work. I was most nervous about cutting the fabric. I decided to just go for it! Here is the finished product...I got it done this afternoon. Beth came over and helped me make the baseball head bonnet because I could not figure out how to make it. She did such a great job on it, his little head looks just like a baseball.
I called mom and told her I pulled a Pat! I was able to get this thing done in less than 24 hours, and it actually turned out really well! It made me realize, and appreciate how much love and time goes into something you are making for your child...and I was touched when I thought back on all of the costumes mom always made for me. It was special. So...we will post pictures of him actually in it later this week...(with Daddy in his baseball uniform carrying him around)but for is the finished costume. We will be going to Little Theater Tuesday night for a costume contest, and a chance for Brayden to "walk" across the stage in his costume for stuff. Happy Halloween!

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