Thursday, October 21, 2010

Diapers + Baby Showers=Diaper Cakes!!!

Last weekend I was invited to my cousin Alicia's baby shower for baby #2.  This was more of a diaper party actually because she knows she is having another boy, and really did not need anything other than just that...diapers.

So, I decided to make her a fun little diaper cake.  Really...these are so practical, fun and so cute!  It was a huge hit at the party, and she enjoyed it very much.  I {heart} baby showers.

Here is the diaper cake I made for her which included: 100 size 1 diapers, baby shampoo, lotion, body wash, wipes, 2 pacifiers, desitin, and baby powder.


J. R. Liandro said...

I think you diaper cake looks awesome, it's a very nice idea!

Shannon Strong said...

Well thank you very much!!! They are so easy to make actually, and every one Ive ever done seems to be the perfect gift!!! Thank you!