Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tooth Fairy 101

Brayden has been infatuated with Yo Gabba Gabba lately.  He loves the new episode where Muno is talking about losing his teeth, and the entire process of your tooth falling out, the tooth fairy, etc.  I have seen the episode several times and have heard the story about the tooth fairy and so forth, its all good and fine.

Today on our way to a play date Brayden told me that his tooth was falling out.  {He is purely being facetious} but either way I responded with "No honey, your teeth are not going to fall out like Muno's for a few years, you still have some time love."  I then thought it was a perfect opportunity to dramatically tell him the story of the tooth fairy, and how when he loses his first tooth, we will place it under his pillow in a neat little container, and when he's fast asleep, a beautiful tooth fairy will fly into his bedroom, lift his pillow and take the tooth, but that she will probably leave him some money or something else really special in return for getting his tooth.  There was silence for a moment, and I knew he was just trying to process that information, thinking he would be all tickled and excited about this great story of the tooth fairy I had just told him.  Instead he replies very bluntly and without expected enthusiasm saying, "No Mommy, that's not true, just not true Mommy."

"Ugh, yes it is baby!"  He says, "No, no Mommy, that's NOT true!" 

I quickly changed the subject and started in on Santa Claus instead...praying all the while he would not dispute me on this one...which thankfully he didn't ;-)

What a stinker.

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