Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My little flying monkey...

For the last few years, I have really been wanting to make Brayden a Flying Monkey costume from the Wizard of Oz.  I wasn't quite sure how I would pull it off exactly, but knew I wanted to try making this for him.  This year, this Momma was on a mission to get it done.  I searched everywhere for grayish/blue furry fabric so I could match the monkey exactly to the old movie.  I could not find it anywhere.  {sigh}

I finally settled on some white furry fabric and decided it would still look cute even so!  Next, I searched for really cool feathers so I could hand make the wings for the costume.  I bought 6 bags of feathers, ended up only needing two of them...so I'll just hope that I need them for something else soon!!!

I started making his costume on Saturday, October 30th...yes I am a huge procrastinator.  I cut, and sewed and cut {ran and bought another yard of fur}, and continued sewing for most of the day!  I finished Halloween Day at about 2pm...phew!

I will add that although Brayden DID end up liking his costume, that on Saturday he was trying on the suit before it was finished and got fur in his mouth.  He immediately started dry heaving, and yelling "get it off me, I don't like it anymore...fur is not my favorite snack!"  I'm not even kidding...this dramatic little child of mine ;-)

Thankfully by Sunday, he was ready and raring to go putting his costume on.  He was so excited, and looked like such a soft little monkey, I just wanted to pet him!  ha!

I added some fishing wire to his tail so it would wag as he walked, and the wings turned out so cute...even if they did require me sitting gluing each one on one by one for over 4 hours!!! Gotta love hot glue gun burns though right?  Well...they were totally worth it, he looked adorable.  I am so happy with how this whole costume turned out!  Most importantly...he had a blast trick or treating.  He kept telling people "thank you" and "Happy Halloween", and even knocked on one door screaming "Hello, Lakewood Fire Department!!!"  He's a hoot!

Happy Halloween 2010 Brayden...or....Flying Monkey I should say!

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