Saturday, November 6, 2010

Doe re me...

Lastnight as we were getting ready for bed, Brayden came running into the bathroom with the extension from the vacuum using it like a microphone singing his little heart out!  He threw me for a loop when I heard him sing {and pretty on key} "Doe Re Me Fa So La Tee Doe"

I used to sing that to him about a year or more ago over and over again as he played the piano so he would start to recognize keys and notes.  He loved when I sang that to him, but never repeated it, and had not attempted it until lastnight.  I cannot believe he even remembered that!  I told Ron this was my baseball moment...that my child is singing, and loves it, and is actually good at it.  When I was pregnant I used to say that I was going to have a little boy that loved singing as much as I do, my little Josh Groban...haha!  I was so proud of my peanut lastnight, my heart swelled a little bit. 

Honestly...if he never enjoyed singing at all, I wouldnt mind, but since its been such a big part of my life, I kind of hoped he would love it, or at least be able to do it well.  I just thought it was really special, and very cool.  Mommy was impressed Bray!