Monday, May 17, 2010

Be still my heart

Today after Brayden and I hit the local Wegmans picking up some things for dinner...we arrived home and I {not wanting to make more than one trip inside with groceries}....grabbed all of the bags and carried them to the side door to set them down and get Brayden out of the van. 

Brayden asked me why I dropped the bags, and I chuckled and told him they were heavy!!!  He quickly bent over and grabbed a bag with all his little might and said "I help you Mommy-it's heavy!"  I opened the side door and he waddled up the stairs and all the way into the kitchen carrying it for me.  He worked so hard, and was so proud of himself for being a big helper!!! 
I thought for sure he would get inside the door and set it down before making it all the way, but he did'nt, he struggled and worked so hard!!!
 I was so proud of him for being such a great little guy!!! 
 Moments like these remind me we are doing something right....

♥ Be still my heart ♥

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Mommy Mac said...

What a big boy!

I am also amazed at how gentlemen-like my little guys are at such a young age already!

.mac :)