Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Looking up to Daddy...

Recently Ron was voted into one of our local fire departments as a new volunteer.  He has truly enjoyed volunteering for the department thus far, and is learning so much.  This new endeavor of his has also afforded him the opportunity to ride along in, and help out during fires, medical calls, etc.  He loves being in a position to be able to help people, be involved in his community and further his education through them.  Brayden loves that this means Daddy also got a key to the department, and can go and tour the fire trucks whenever he wants too...which means Brayden gets his fill of seeing the big fire trucks whenever he requests to do so.  A few months ago...Ron took him to the station for the first time so Brayden could climb in the trucks, rescue boats, and tour the department.  Brayden was nothing short of awestruck.  I think Daddy was too a little bit by being able to bring Brayden there.  Brayden thinks Daddy is more than way cool now!  Here they are "playing" at the fire station in the big fire was truly fun to watch them be boys that day.

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