Friday, May 7, 2010

A Beautiful Day to Play...

Today Brayden begged me to go outside in the yard to play with him.

He asked me with such zeal and excitement in his made me feel young again.

We ventured into the yard and he told me it was a "beautiful day to play Mommy!"

Indeed it was.

I sat down in the damp grass with my camera to watch him play, and capture his zest for the most simple and pure fun two people could have together...the appreciation of the others company, and the joy we would soon find in it...together.

He picked Dandelions and handed them to me.

He then picked a few more and wanted me to place them behind his ears because he says he is a "rich princess"...something he has clearly picked up from his 4 year old cousin Ryleah.

Then he wanted to blow the white whispy weeds into the wind...and I took pictures because he was so determined and adorable.  I giggled quietly as I observed him.

He knew my undivided attention was on him, and only him.

He kept running over to me and giving me hugs and kisses.  He would stand behind me at other times and wrap his little chubby arms around my neck and kiss my head telling me he loved me.

He sang to me, danced for me, played hide and seek with me, and even sat with me while we took pictures of ourselves together. 

He melted away my day to day life for a few hours today.

We ignored responsibility...

We ignored the phone...

We ignored anything and everything else going on in the world except for the little world we created for ourselves in our own backyard...

After was in fact...

 a beautiful day to play!

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