Thursday, April 15, 2010

Love you more!!!

Tonight Brayden went with me to a meeting I had at the theater for an upcoming show I am going to be in {more on that later}....

He played on the stage, sang into the microphone, and ran around the theater much like I did as a child.  I loved watching him enjoy himself so much.  What made it even sweeter, was that he played with my childhood best friend Ylsa's daughter Rya.  It was very sweet to watch them interact, and we giggled at how cute it was and briefly recalled some of our own fun memories.

On the way home I told Brayden how proud of his behavior I was and that I loved him.  The rest of our conversation went like this...
{and I had to post it because it made me gut giggle out loud in the van on the way home}.

Me:  You were such a good big boy tonight Brayden, thank you so much....I love you buddy.

Bray:  I love you too Mommy.

Me:  I love you more...

Bray:  I love you more!

Me:  I love you more than the sunshine!!!

Bray:  I love you more-sunshine ;-)

Me:  I love you more than candy!

Bray:  I love you more-candy ;-)

Me:  I love you more than M & M's....

Bray:  {silence}.....Thanks Mommy!

Stinkbutt doesn't love me more than M & M's ;-) 

Oh least it made me almost spit coffee out of my nose as I gut giggled from his innocent and honest response!!!

Bray:  Mommy, what happened?

Me:  Nothing Bray-you made Mommy laugh-you're funny dude!

Bray:  Oh....thanks Mommy!

God Love Him.

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