Saturday, April 17, 2010

Five Little Monkeys...

Brayden's favorite book right now is Five Little Monkey's.  I honestly had not remembered the book until I finished reading all of it, and midway through the book I looked at Ron as we lay in bed with Brayden and quietly mentioned that I thought this book was a little disturbing ;-) 

Five monkeys getting gobbled up by the mean old crocodile?  Seriously?  I will admit though, that it turned out okay in the end...and now that I have added lots of theatrical voice inflection and jumping as we read together at night, Brayden enjoys it THAT.MUCH.MORE.  Ha!

So...very matter of factly....Brayden requests this book each night now.  He loves it.  Once we are finished reading it, he wants to read to us...and has memorized the book pretty much....his favorite part is..."SNAP!" when the crocodile eats the monkeys.  Oh well...guess it's not too disturbing if this seems to be his ultra favorite part right?

Too funny.

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