Thursday, October 21, 2010

Diapers + Baby Showers=Diaper Cakes!!!

Last weekend I was invited to my cousin Alicia's baby shower for baby #2.  This was more of a diaper party actually because she knows she is having another boy, and really did not need anything other than just that...diapers.

So, I decided to make her a fun little diaper cake.  Really...these are so practical, fun and so cute!  It was a huge hit at the party, and she enjoyed it very much.  I {heart} baby showers.

Here is the diaper cake I made for her which included: 100 size 1 diapers, baby shampoo, lotion, body wash, wipes, 2 pacifiers, desitin, and baby powder.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Brayden and I went to a play date today at my good friend Paula's house with Miss Rosalie and Benjamin, two of Brayden's best friends.  Benjamin and Rosalie are closer in age to eachother, and Brayden is almost a year older than both of them, so watching them all play is interesting.  Today, Benjamin pushed Rosalie down a few times, and Rosalie began to cry each time.  After one of Benjamin's time outs today Brayden says to Rosalie "Im sorry Benjamin hit you Rosalie, I make you happy now-I make Benjamin happy now too!"  I thought it was sweet that Brayden recognized the interaction between Rosalie and Benjamin, and that he was trying to play peace maker in the situation. 

On our way home Brayden was chatting with me about his day, which is typically what he does when we leave play dates.  Today, this was our conversation, and it was just so sweet!!!  It was just so like him to feel this way, and to express it as he did, it stole my heart.  God I love him....

Brayden: Mommy, Im sorry.
Me: Why are you sorry baby, you didnt do anything you need to be sorry for, why are you saying you are sorry?
Brayden: Well, my feelings are hurt.
Me: Why are your feelings hurt baby?
Brayden: um, uh, well....Benjamin hurt my feelings when he pushed Miss Rosalie, and and um...she cried, and it hurt my feelings....
Me: It hurt your feelings when Rosalie was sad?
Brayden: Yeah, Rosalie cried and it hurt my feelings....but I make her happy, and I make Benjamin happy too!
Me:  Awe....I think its very sweet that you felt bad for Miss Rosalie Bray, but Benjamin didnt mean to hurt her feelings, or your feelings...he is younger than you are baby.
Brayden: Benjamin tell Miss Rosalie Sorry....
Me: Yes, Benjamin did the right thing by saying he was sorry to her, that was very very nice of him, and Im glad that you tried really hard to make both of them happy afterwards too, that is a good big boy thing to do and Mommy is proud of you buddy!
Bray: I knowwww......thank you Mommy!

I drove silent for a moment taking all of that in.  My mind was piecing together the events of the day, and his reactions, and our conversation.  I sweet is it that he felt sadness observing Rosalie's hurt feelings, and also sadness for Benjamin becuase he knew Ben didnt want a time out, and that it hurt his feelings too.  I was proud that Bray felt compelled to make them both happy again, and that he recognized that was the right thing to do.  It was kind, it was genuine, and it was compassionate.  It's one of those moments you realize that all of your reminding, nagging, correcting, and talking to your child DOES make sense to them, and they are in fact taking it all in within their little worlds.  I'd like to think he will never lose that part of his personality, and that his first instinct will always be to attempt to make others feel better.  Maybe I am doing this right afterall....right now at least anyways ;-)

Tooth Fairy 101

Brayden has been infatuated with Yo Gabba Gabba lately.  He loves the new episode where Muno is talking about losing his teeth, and the entire process of your tooth falling out, the tooth fairy, etc.  I have seen the episode several times and have heard the story about the tooth fairy and so forth, its all good and fine.

Today on our way to a play date Brayden told me that his tooth was falling out.  {He is purely being facetious} but either way I responded with "No honey, your teeth are not going to fall out like Muno's for a few years, you still have some time love."  I then thought it was a perfect opportunity to dramatically tell him the story of the tooth fairy, and how when he loses his first tooth, we will place it under his pillow in a neat little container, and when he's fast asleep, a beautiful tooth fairy will fly into his bedroom, lift his pillow and take the tooth, but that she will probably leave him some money or something else really special in return for getting his tooth.  There was silence for a moment, and I knew he was just trying to process that information, thinking he would be all tickled and excited about this great story of the tooth fairy I had just told him.  Instead he replies very bluntly and without expected enthusiasm saying, "No Mommy, that's not true, just not true Mommy."

"Ugh, yes it is baby!"  He says, "No, no Mommy, that's NOT true!" 

I quickly changed the subject and started in on Santa Claus instead...praying all the while he would not dispute me on this one...which thankfully he didn't ;-)

What a stinker.