Thursday, June 11, 2009

{Witness Protection Program...}

You read it correctly...yes, the Witness Protection Program. Sorry to momentarily freak you out with that title...but since we have moved to Florida {without our things}, our neighbors MUST swear that we are part of some witness protection program as my oldest brother jokingly suggested. Here we move in {I arrived at 3am after driving more than 24 hours}...and with no moving truck-or furniture. Our little cul-de-sac is probably wondering what in the world we are doing??? To make matters worse for the neighborhood chatter is my latest adventures in trash to treasure hunting on Thursday nights, coming home with battered furniture and sticking it in the garage ;-)
Oh the giggles we will soon get from all of this. Now I just have to figure out what in the world to tell them so they really don't think we are totally crazy. I am starting to wonder if I am crazy these days. Time will tell ;-) I will be sure to keep you posted. The up side of all of this is that I have been able to spend a TON of time with my peanut. He has learned so many new things lately that I am excited to share more about soon. He has learned to dance though-it is too funny. Anytime music comes on he bobs his head and bends his knees, claps his hands and does a cha-cha-cha with his feet. He is a trip, and such a patient little guy.
Fathers day is right around the corner and I am thinking we have some neat ideas in the works for the Daddy. {since he reads the blog-we will have to wait to share them with you}.
Hope everyone is doing well...and we will hopefully be released from this "Witness Protection" thing soon! {haha}.

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