Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Downtown Disney

{Click on photos to enlarge} This past weekend, we headed to Downtown Disney with Ron's old buddy from high school that lives near us here in Florida, his awesome wife Ellen, and their adorable daughter Tori. Joe and Ron have been friends since they were kids. This is the second opportunity we have had to get together with them, and it has been a lot of fun. We spent almost all day at Downtown Disney exploring, eating, playing in the water fountains with the kiddies and of course some children's rides as well! Brayden and Tori got soaking wet playing in the water fountains-they shoot up water from the ground and the kids we having a BLAST!!!
The highlight of the day was Pleasure Island. Ron and Ellen got called up on stage because they both have June Birthdays. Once up there and in the SPOTLIGHT {which is not my husbands favorite place to be-which makes this story even more funny}...they had to do a 5 second dance in front of everyone! Ron tried to run back to our table, but they called him out-and made him come back ;-) He finally gave in and did his little 5 second dance {which I have on video}...and left the stage with a Disney button that says "it's my birthday" with his name {haha}.
We decided to sit there for a little longer {a few hours actually}...and Joe, Ron, Myself and Ellen all got called up on stage to either dance, be interviewed, lead a conga line and do a limbo! It was too much fun.
Joe and Ellen and Tori are SO much fun to hang out with. We had such a great day!


Kacey R. said...

I've missed you!!! Sorry I have been so behind on catching up. It has been crazy here as well - but of course, I'm not in the middle of unpacking boxes so...

I am so glad ya'll had fun at Disney - it looks like a great time. I LOVE Disney and cannot wait to take the kids when they are old enough. I can't believe the 5 second dance - too funny!

Oh and a few posts below with pictures of sweet Brayden - he's wearing a red polo - Linc has the same one! Great minds think alike sista!

Emily said...

Definitely looks like fun!!!