Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Georgia Vacation

Here are some tidbits of our trip to Georgia. We saw Candy and Aunt Jo, the boys got to play with Brayden, Brayden ate at Hooters for the very first time as he flirted with the watiresses...he is such a guy. Brayden also expressed his opinions as he was heavily vocal during the political debate. Ron passed his test with Cartersville Police Department and we visited the town of Cumming, Woodstock, Buford, Sandy Springs, Canton and Cartersville! Brayden kept saying "gotta go gotta go" all week as he walked all over Uncle Scotty's house! We had dinner out with the family, visited a corn maze pumpkin patch, shopped the outlets which included a Pottery Barn discount outlet (very cool), Nike outlet, and Carters outlet! We have missed those things since moving back home last year. It reminded us of Florida, yet Jamestown at the same time. It was very beautiful, great views of the mountains and its close to family too.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Politics and Brayden...

The other night my family and I sat down to watch the McCain and Obama debate that many other Americans also tuned into watch. Since my entire family is pushing for Obama, we clearly shook our heads nodding approval throughout several rebuttals Obama made to McCain-clear intelligence and intellect. Anyways-you know I am not one to really get into discussing politics, especially with my mother because she will talk for hours about it, but a very interesting and funny thing happened the other night toward the end of the debate. Brayden had been playing on the floor, and moving from Grandmas lap to Daddy to me to Uncle Scotty etc. watching us watch the debate. Before we knew it, Brayden started yelling at the TV as McCain starting talking....yelling "Ca-ca caaaaa-ca ca-ca ca-caaaaaa" over and over again at a high pitch. (If something is ishy-I tell Brayden is Caa-Caa, and scoul.) When Obama starting talking, Brayden starting nodding his head up and down making an "uh-huh" sound and staring at the tv. This went back and forth a few times before we all realized what he was doing and the whole family was laughing telling him he was such a smart little boy :-) We then asked Bray if he liked Obama and he nodded with an uh-huh! Too Funny.

Home from Georgia

We returned home from Georgia Sunday night exhausted! What a quick yet long trip. We were successful in looking at the area, but un-successful in deciding if this would be right for us or not. I left feeling deflated, defeated, and overwhelmed. I need to stay focused on the positive things in my life right now, and try very hard not to allow the negative things to take over my phyche'. I learned a lot of things about myself on this trip-in the short one that it was. Epiphony kind of things...the "ah-hah" factor. So...for the next week I am just going to focus on my work, completing sewing my nieces homecoming dress by Saturday, and just vegging with Brayden during the day. Other than that, anything more this week might send me over the edge ;-) I will post some pics of Georgia when I get a chance. Until then...we will keep everyone posted. Hugs

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Confident Walker....

Brayden has been attempting the walking thing for many weeks now....first he pushed other toys while walking, which led to standing in one spot for a bit here and there, which then became one step alone, to two alone, and then jumped to walking all over the place, turning around mid walk to walk the other direction!!! He is so funny to watch. We would always clap our hands when he attempted to walk alone, and last week sometime when I had family over visiting-he walked all the way across the living room without falling, and in mid stride, stopped and started clapping for himself...hands above his head and all...huge smiles and belly shouts...it was a gut giggler moment. A moment none of us will ever forget. So...my baby is off...walking his way to bigger and better things with every bit of toddler confidence, and I am well....happy, yet sad, and excited to see whats next. God love him.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Possibly moving to....

Georgia! Since Mom and Scott moved there, we have become increasingly interested in the area for a few reasons...one because Mom and Scott, Tara and the boys are there...two because Ron has been talking to a Police Department there for awhile now with a prospect of getting hired. We are taking a trip there at the end of this month so Ron can meet with Cartersville PD, and are hoping to find that it would be a great place to live. We have been researching housing, work, etc... and everything looks promising, so we will keep our fingers crossed. We will know more later, but for now...send us your thoughts and prayers and we try to figure out this next chapter in our lives. Once settled-who knows...maybe we will try for another little one soon...I'm just sayin...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Braydens Big Birthday Bash...

Here are some pictures of Brayden's birthday party. Mommy made his Moose-A-Moose cake and Zee cake with the help of Aunt Beth! We had bubbles on each table, oragami gift boxes for the guests with #1 candies inside, and two blowups in the yard for all the kids to play in, including one for Brayden all to himself. Mommy & Daddy passed around quilt pieces for everyone to write on with permanent marker any wishes for Brayden on his first Birthday which I will later make into a quilt for him to have forever. It was a lot of fun, and he did very well with his own little cake-although he started to look drunk from all the sugar. Fun stuff :-)

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Braydens Birthday