Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Confident Walker....

Brayden has been attempting the walking thing for many weeks now....first he pushed other toys while walking, which led to standing in one spot for a bit here and there, which then became one step alone, to two alone, and then jumped to walking all over the place, turning around mid walk to walk the other direction!!! He is so funny to watch. We would always clap our hands when he attempted to walk alone, and last week sometime when I had family over visiting-he walked all the way across the living room without falling, and in mid stride, stopped and started clapping for himself...hands above his head and all...huge smiles and belly was a gut giggler moment. A moment none of us will ever forget. baby is off...walking his way to bigger and better things with every bit of toddler confidence, and I am well....happy, yet sad, and excited to see whats next. God love him.

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