Sunday, August 7, 2011

An impromptu weekend...

This last weekend was probably the most fun, relaxing weekend I have had in a long time.  Brayden and I woke up Saturday morning with Daddy at work and we decided that even though it was a gloomy and semi-windy day we would head out to Timmy Ho's for our usual morning drinks...a large Double double for me, and a chocolate milk for Bray.  This of course after we spend a good 20 minutes in bed snuggling, giggling, tickling and gabbing about our plans...

As we were headed downtown, we happened to notice that the drum corp. international who had performed in the Lucy 100th Birthday parade the night before were holding a drum line practice downtown next to the ice rink.  So...we got our drinks, and parked ti listen and watch the drummers.  Soon we got out of the van and decided to sit on the benches nearby to watch and listen.  They were amazing.  Brayden danced and giggled listening to them play.  Soon an old neighbor Ive known since childhood came over to sit with us and we chatted about their performance and what a perfect day this was to watch them.  Within the next hour, a crowd started to form and the other band members started filing in to practice as a team.  We stayed for a few hours just relaxing, talking, laughing and enjoying a perfectly impromptu Saturday morning.  One of the drummers came over to talk to brayden and let him play on his drums!  Brayden was IN.HEAVEN!  All the young men filtered over slowly and were showing him drumming tricks and building him up!  They were so nice!  At the end before they headed back after their guy came over and handed Brayden his drumsticks and told him to keep them!  They are all taped up and ratty from playing with, but how special that Brayden has ACTUAL drumsticks from the Texas drum corp. international marching band Genesis!  Too cool.

During all of this, we were on the phone on and off all morning with my niece Emily discussing the huge Lucy picture that was going to take place downtown at 2PM with everyone dressed as Lucy and Desi for the attempt to have the most Lucy's in one place at one time at City Hall for the Guinness Book of world Records!  She convinced us that this was important, and that she would have costumes ready for us with wigs if we could make it to their house in 5 minutes to get off we went...and quickly!  I should mention is was! 

We scurried over there and Emily and Molly got Brayden dolled up in a Lucy dress look-a-like costume and a red wig.  I quickly laid on the bright red lipstick we had to have and he quickly said to Emily, "Emily!  I don't have a necklace!"  After we all laughed in hysterics, Emily rushed around to find him the perfect white pearls to don!  We drove there and parked and were literally RUNNING to city hall to make it for the picture!  There were photographers from all over the world snapping pictures and doing news articles on this event in celebration of Lucille Ball's 100th Birthday celebration.!

It was such a great afternoon of laughing, pictures, history and fun.  Walking back to the car Brayden said to me, "Mommy, thank you, I am having so much fun today!, Thank you for the day off Mommy!".  It made me smile from ear to ear!  It also made me want to quit my job and stay home with him again, but that is not a possible thing for us to do right now! 

At the end of the day Emily and I chatted and were talking about how Brayden was such a great sport.  He didn't get stressed by our rushed commotion and was totally up for this crazy fun experience.  She said she loved how he held so still as she was bobby pinning the red wig to his head and getting him all dolled up!  He is so much fun!  My whole family is so much fun!  I am so so glad that I had this experience this weekend.  I realized very quickly that life isn't always about plans and execution of them.  It;s about appreciating that even when our plans change, we can find that in those moments we will have the best moments in our lives!