Sunday, July 24, 2011

In Heaven...

Just lately, Brayden has been asking questions like "Daddy, where is your Daddy and Mommy, where is your Daddy?"  Ron and I have both been telling him that our Daddy's passed away and that they are in heaven with Jesus, God, our guardian angels, and our other family in heaven.  He was usually quite content with that until a few weeks ago.  One morning brayden asked me again:  And our convo went like this:

Brayden: Mommy, where is your Daddy?

Me: Bray honey, my Daddy is in heaven!

Brayden: Where is Daddy's Daddy?

Me: He is in heaven with my Daddy!
Insert: Brayden putting his pouty and sad head down with the utmost look of hearbreak on his face as he starts to sob a little.

Me: Bray, whats the matter honey?  It's ok to be sad, but both of your Grandpas are watching over you ALL the time bubby!  Why are you so sad love?

Brayden:  "BECAUSE!!!!  I don't have a Daddy in heaven!" 

You should have seen my freaked out husbands face when I told him that story!!!

Ron thinks Brayden knows something he doesnt know, and statements like that make him paranoid.  He gets freaked out whenever he has a headache of some sort!  Me on the other hand thinks its adorable, and nothing more than a cute statement from that of a three year old.  Guess that's how we balance each other out so well huh?

Hope you are still giggling.  I am ;-)