Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our baby will soon be 3!!!

Brayden is turning 3 this weekend.  I cannot believe how fast the last 3 years have gone.  I told Ron the other night that I remember saying, "I can't wait until he can smile, laugh, crawl, walk, talk, sing, dance, hug, kiss, snuggle, being potty trained, his big boy bed...everything"....but now that he has done, and he doing all of those things...I am craving just wanting my baby baby back ;-( 

It makes you realize very quickly that you need to embrace every single moment in their lives.  Take time to enjoy the simplest of moments.  Those moments when he wants to snuggle on the couch and watch cartoons on a lazy non busy day.  Moments when we are blowing bubbles, playing with him in the tubby, combing his hair, or snuggling with him at bedtime.  We never get those moments back, so we should inhale them every second we can. 

Right now Brayden is growing like a weed.  He is 3ft. 3 inches tall already, and 46 pounds!!!  He is a tank.  I can barely lift him up anymore.  He loves baseball and is actually quite good at it.  He loves singing songs, shaking his tooshy while saying "uh oh"...and talking with Mommy and Daddy.  He is very sociable, and not shy at all!!!  He loves to make people laugh with his one liners he knows he will get a reaction "Are you kidding me" or "Pee-U Good Night" or "Oh my shucks"...."Jeeze Louise"..."you're making me crazy nuts"..."Im mad and I quit {care of Ni Hao Kailan}"..."Im runnin away {care of Little Bill}"..."Hey Dude, come here"..."seriously!"..."Hey babe!" or "Honey, babe...Honey!"  {Thats usually what I say to Ron so Brayden naturally copies that}...yes yes I know those are all things that make him appear as quite the stinkbutt, but really he isnt.  He is polite, well mannered and very sweet in nature.  He always says please and thank you and your welcome.  He calls ladies Miss, or Ma'am, tells Mommy "You're beautiful Mommy", and says "I love it" whenever he is truly excited about something!!!  He is just a trip.  He makes me giggle when I least expect it.  He is intuitive and gentle.  He doesn't bite, or kick or hit.  He takes turns with toys at play dates, and loves to give hugs.  Ok...Ill stop gushing over my peanut, but I am proud of the little guy is growing up to be. 

I am constantly reminded there is a God when I look at my son.  I am reminded that I have more in life than I could ever hoped for, and am grateful and happy that we are all happy and healthy. 

Brayden has recently started saying prayers every night before bed.  He sounds so precious...I need to tape record it some evening so I will never forget how adorable he sounds while saying this every night before bedtime: "Dear Lord, thank you for everything.  Thank you for my family,  my friends, and my pets.  Please Guardian Angels...always watch over me and my family and pets...keep us safe, and happy and healthy.  Tell my family in heaven I said hello.  I love you God...Amen."  Occasionally he will add names like..."thank you for my brookey {his cousin} or Grandma, or Shadow and Chewbacca, or Mommy and Daddy.  It is soooo sweet.  We read Playful Puppies every night before bed at his request....then he tried to read it to us.  He ALMOST has the entire book memorized...and copies the same voice inflection.  Its too adorable.

Although I am excited to celebrate his 3rd birthday and grateful to God for this beautiful little boy he gave us...I am sad he is growing up so fast.  Its breaking my heart a little bit. 

Happy Birthday baby....we love you so much!

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Mommy Mac said...

Celerbrate Brayden.

ALL of his years.

It is so amazing to watch them grow!

.mac :)