Friday, September 3, 2010


Last weekend Ron was in his best friends wedding.  It was beautiful and special.  I will post more on that later...but that meant that we had to drive to Erie to pick up his tuxedo.  At the tux place they had a ping pong table, and Brayden had so much fun playing it the few times we were there in the last few weeks before the wedding. 

Today we drove back to Erie to pick up Grandma from the airport.  As soon as we headed down the main strip to the mall Brayden asked us if we were going to the "Ping Pong place".  Ron and I giggled that he knew and recognized where we were.

As we passed the "ping pong place" headed toward the airport, our GPS started telling us which way to go.  From the backseat Braydens says "what?"  to the female voice on the GPS.  Ha ha I know.  I started to explain to him that its just a voice on a machine that tells Mommy and Daddy which way to go in the car so we don't get lost.  I didn't get an immediate response, and I figured I wouldn't because that's alot to understand for a two year old right?  Brayden then says.."Um...well....Ma'am...where is the ping pong place?"...."Ping pong place where are you?". 

We were doubled over in hysterics at that point.  What a funny little guy.

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Mommy Mac said...

Mannerly and knows just exactly what he wants...sounds like you are doing a wonderful job, mom and dad!

.mac :)