Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brayden Letter {March 2010}


You are growing so fast right now Mommy and Daddy cannot keep up with you and all of the new things you are doing!  You are talking up a storm lately, and love trying to pronounce big words.  You get such a kick out of it.  {phenomenol} {exquisite} {ridiculous} {awesome} are some of your favorites, and it makes us giggle that you actually use them in the right context!  You are a funny little guy.  You love books and constantly beg us to "buy it" when you see a good one you want to have.  At the store you will play with toys in the cart and ask us to put them "back on shelf" before we leave so they will be there next time you come.  Then you beg for the books....{smart kid}!  You know we won't say no to buying those.

You love pineapples and call them t-apples.  You and bubbles have a serious relationship right now.  You put your sneakers on to go out on the patio daily to play with them...clothes on or not!!!

You tell us you love us, offer us hugs and kisses now.  I love that.

You beg to hold the door open for Mommy whenever you can, and especially at the grocery store when I open the door to get the milk.  You remind me to buy diapers and milk every single time we go to Walmart.  Must mean this is the norm items you always see us buying there.

You are so polite.  You always say thank you, please, and you're welcome.

You crave being our "big helper"  You help Mommy stir everything in the kitchen when I make dinner.  You want to help me push the shopping cart.  You want to help me close the doors in the house. You want to help me do my hair. You want to help me brush my's all so beautiful and so sweet.  I hope you never lose that.

You love to play catch with us.  You throw left handed.  You love to draw and color whenever you can, and mostly you do that as well with a left hand.  Time will still tell on that one Im sure, but I think it's safe to say you will be a lefty.  You love to be outside.  You are getting so much better with walking with us and staying close.  We can now go to the mall sans stroller-and I am not running the whole time.  We can now tell you that is "far enough" and you know that means to stop walking and wait for us. 

You are the best snugglebear there is.  You cuddle so well, and so sweet.  You sleep 12-13 hours a night, and always wake up with a smile on your face saying "morning Mommy".  I love how you pitter patter into the bedroom some nights and want to sleep with us.  I love waking up to you laying on my hair, with drool on my pillow, and even those mornings where you are hot and sweaty and pretty much STUCK to me!!!  I love it, and I would never trade it for anything in the whole world. 

We love you so much Brayden, and cannot wait to watch you continue to grow, make us giggle and teach us that life is about the little things, the moments, and this time right now. 

Love you Bray

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