Saturday, May 30, 2009

Post 200!!!

Well ladies...I have to apologize first for being SUCH a bad blogger these last few weeks. First we had the big move {without our things} haha! Since then-we have been trying to be creative until our things arrive in a few more weeks {yes-a few more weeks} ARGH! My MIL, SIL and family were here for the first week and a half...the next week I went to Georgia to see my family for a few days, to come home and my other SIL and her family came for a we have been BUSY BUSY BUSY!
We dragged my sister in law Roxanne and her family with us last Thursday for {dumpster diving} night in our old subdivision in should SEE the things people throw away! I have no shame with this...I'll admit it. We found a great little end table, vanity table, patio table, and last week I found an awesome armoire that with new paint and knobs will be ultra fantastic! Ron said we could furnish the house one Thursday at a time until our things get here {he's not funny}.
They were reluctant to come at first...but we continued to ask {beg} them until they caved ;-) They think we are a little nuts-but they love us just the same-and they HAD A BLAST! Our nephew Marion seemed to have the most fun though-he cracked us up! I scored a photo of Roxanne testing out a treadmill to see if it worked...when my computer stops giving me issues I will post it ;-)
So...we are doing okay. Brayden loves the sunshine, loves Old Town in Kissimmee-a frequent visiting place for us lately, and he loves just being outside. He has learned to occupy himself without tons of toys, and is also...SLEEPING ALL NIGHT LONG NOW! It's been a month since we arrived here, and ever since he is in bed every night at 9:30-on his own accord, and sleeps sleeps sleeps. It's nice for me...finally getting caught up on some much needed rest myself.
So...we will keep everyone posted, but for now I am picture-less on the blog until I get a new laptop-or find a way to clear off my 5K pictures someplace so I can upload some new ones...we have run out of space evidently-and my disk drive is broken, and I am thinking our baby Dell is on her way out. Maybe I can find a new one on the side of the road somewhere? Yeah-I didn't think so. I can look though right?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our Adventure continues...

Here are some of the latest pictures I promised of our new adventure...without our things :-) It is an experience that's for sure. My family keeps telling me to take tons of pictures so we can all look back on this and giggle at how we can actually survive without our things...and how much fun this actually is if you just laugh about it-and get resourceful enough... Here are some of the fun photos...

First...the roadtrip to Florida...
036 - Copy (2)
His first nightly swim with Daddy...he splashed like CRAZY!!!
092 - Copy
His new "ball"
142 - Copy
watching cartoons on Daddy's toolbox, with the portable DVD player {whew-thank God for this}...
150 - Copy
Daddy ironing on the counter...
227 - Copy (2)
Eating morning breakfast Mommy made...
Riding his new motorcycle
300 - Copy
And Mommy weeded the front yard-it was driving her nutty...
383 - Copy
All in all...we are doing just fine. Hope the photos made you giggle.
-The Snow family

Friday, May 15, 2009


Well, it has been almost two weeks since we got here, and I am dying to get started on all of these projects I have swirling around in my little head ;-) Only bad thing is...OUR THINGS ARE STILL NOT HERE WITH US!!! Yes-you heard correctly. Originally-we were going to go the whole moving company route-but that was ULTRA pricey-and Ron's Uncle who has a truck-trailer and a CDL-offered to do it for us just for the price of gas to get it here {insert choir singing right?}...well....the night before said move occurred-his Uncle had something important and inevitable occur so it has pushed back the "move" of our things. So...I put everything in storage in NY-hoping this would only be a short stint without our "adventure" as my family calls it. Hmmm....I think this adventure is overrated at this point. Seriously...we are sitting on baseball game chairs and coolers. I have spent over $300 in the last two weeks on necessities that you NEVER realize you will miss until you don't have them anymore {can opener, a pot and pan, towels, coffee maker etc etc}. I have taken lots of pictures of Brayden and his {stir crazy} antics to keep himself playing with an orange he insisted was "a ball"...and sitting on his cousin Ryleah to taunt her because he is ALL BOY! I promise I will get them uploaded and will post soon. {as if I really have anything else to do these days}, until then...say a prayer for us that we can end the "adventure" we are currently on and I can get started on all of my fun house projects :-)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We are here! We finally made it-yes like a week ago, but I could not get online until just today. I was seriously starting to have withdrawal. Here are a few pictures of our new home, will have to upload some better ones in the next few days. Our lawn needs some serious TLC-but that is the last scheduled project among many to come in the next few weeks. I have missed blogland=glad to be back! We are also glad to be back in the Sunshine place we love :-)