Friday, May 15, 2009


Well, it has been almost two weeks since we got here, and I am dying to get started on all of these projects I have swirling around in my little head ;-) Only bad thing is...OUR THINGS ARE STILL NOT HERE WITH US!!! Yes-you heard correctly. Originally-we were going to go the whole moving company route-but that was ULTRA pricey-and Ron's Uncle who has a truck-trailer and a CDL-offered to do it for us just for the price of gas to get it here {insert choir singing right?}...well....the night before said move occurred-his Uncle had something important and inevitable occur so it has pushed back the "move" of our things. So...I put everything in storage in NY-hoping this would only be a short stint without our "adventure" as my family calls it. Hmmm....I think this adventure is overrated at this point. Seriously...we are sitting on baseball game chairs and coolers. I have spent over $300 in the last two weeks on necessities that you NEVER realize you will miss until you don't have them anymore {can opener, a pot and pan, towels, coffee maker etc etc}. I have taken lots of pictures of Brayden and his {stir crazy} antics to keep himself playing with an orange he insisted was "a ball"...and sitting on his cousin Ryleah to taunt her because he is ALL BOY! I promise I will get them uploaded and will post soon. {as if I really have anything else to do these days}, until then...say a prayer for us that we can end the "adventure" we are currently on and I can get started on all of my fun house projects :-)


Emily said...

oh my have a such a good attitude! I'm pretty sure I would be pitching a major fit if I was without my things for that long! Hope you get them soon!

Mommy Mac said...

An adventure.

Sounds like a good twist to it.

Just think, you are being CREATIVE!!!

An orange is a ball, mom. You know that, don't you?!

Hope there's a trailer truck pulling in your driveway as I type!!

.mac :)

Beth:) said...

shanny thats why I love you so much - cuz life IS an adventure :)

You are SOOOOOOOOOOOO missed (all of you :) )