Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015 is Officially here...

2014 went quickly.  I have lost my blogging ability, and the time to do it much anymore as of late.  After my heart attack and struggles from 2011, my focus has been on living every moment to its fullest, and although we have experiences many beautiful moments since then, the blog was the last thing on my list to scratch some free time out for anymore.  In writing this, I just realized how much I have missed the therapy of writing on this family blog.

Originally, it started out as a way to document Braydens lift, our family experiences with him, and all of this beautiful toddler moments all parents never want to forget.  Somewhere, life got in the way and I feel as though this book of life for him is missing a few years.  I know those years were just as fun for him, and many of those experiences were only seen on facebook, but I hope to bring my blog back to life again this year.

With that being said, 2015 does come with its own list of goals, plans and hopes.  Already it has started out as a bit of a challenging year, but nothing that I cannot and will not get through.  My health is great, and Brayden is in 2md grade!!!!  His personality is in full force as usual and his smile and jokes completely break me down to giggles when I need it.  I am finishing up my last semester at the college and will be transferring to work on my Bachelors Degree soon.  I feel like I have some so far with my very small business and schooling.  I have learned extraordinary things about who I am and who I am yet to become since 2011.  Heart attacks change people apparently!  Who knew? 

I plan to include our ups, our downs, and my writings from the heart here this year.  I plan to document Braydens life, and my life, our family etc.  Im taking back my blog today.  Check back!

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