Sunday, March 25, 2012


There are many things I am dreaming of accomplishing this year.  Things I have always thought about, bu never really done completely.  So...I am making myself accountible.  Please push my progress on these things...I will be grateful!
1. GO back to college.  I really would like to get my Masters Degree eventually in Business/Marketing.  Id like my Bachelor Degree too...but Im talking total goals folks.  Ha ha.
2.  Lose another 25 pounds.  I have lost a ton of weight this last year after getting off of prednisone.  I pray I never have to take it again, and even at my current weight...I would feel much healthier just a little but smaller.
3.  Grow hair long again.  Its getting there...choke me when I get to that moment when I start asking what style I should go with...thats when I usually go get it cut and then hate myself later.
4.  Finish my list of projects!!!  Roman shades, pillows, duvets, painting, upholstering, refinishing, etc etc.  I always have a creative pile to wade through.
5.  Be more forgiving this year!
6.  Spending really great moments with Brayden and Ron and my family.
7.  Start taking photos professionally.  I would LOVE to do a wedding, or some great shoot.  I have the I just need the nerve!
8.  Find furniture pieces and repaint, refurb and revive...then sell them for a profit!  I would have a lot of fun doing that as a side thing.
9.  Read more. 
10.  Exercise everyday.  I need to do this for my heart.  Im getting better at it...but I need to eat and do things better for my heart, my family.
11.  Go to church.  I like how it feeds my soul.  I need God to keep me grounded.
12.  Simplify my life.  Get rid of items, things that cause clutter and people that do the same in my life.
13.  Blog more often.  So many great things I have missed blogging about and have forgotten now what they were...that is why I have a blog in the first place!
14.  Start another job!  I want to love what I do though.  I need to love what I do and the people I surround myself with daily. 
15.  Start saving money for my car!  We call it the Volvo fund.  I purchased a used Volvo XC90 Suv.  I have a slight panic attack when I think something might break on it because I know the cost will make me cry.  I just need to start a small savings for it so I can lose that anxiety and enjoy my vehicle!!!


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