Sunday, March 25, 2012

Crazy Idea...

We all know too well the crazy ideas that any given 4 year old child can have right?  Well...the other day Brayden was begging to go to the playground.  It was a busy day...lots of things going on, errands to run, laundry, cleaning, un-packing etc and after dinner he asked me again if we could go.  I realized it was getting dark and by the time I cleaned up dinner it would be well after 9pm before we could even think of I thought for a moment.  Crazy idea...but why not take him?  Its not like he has school in the morning, and its a beautiful evening out.  So....despite getting the {stink-eye} look from my husband I said yes.  Brayden giggled and jumped up and down.  I finished cleaning up dinner and looked for the bug spray.  Yes...I can sometimes be crazy like this.  I think its important to not always tell Bray no, even if some of his ideas are ridiculous.  I want to teach him something other than structure all of the time and he will have plenty of years to learn that in school.  Why not act on impulse sometimes?  Why not go to the playground at night once in a blue moon?
The playground was actually well lit, and there were people at the lake fishing, walking, etc.  I felt we got out of the car.  He had the entire playrground to himself.  He was apprehensive at first, but once he realized this place was ALL his...oh the fun.this.child.had!  He kept giggling in a way that made me giggle.  He smiled from ear to ear.  It was a really cool moment if I do say so myself. I only realized this after I got over the looks I was getting from all of the adults at the park that is...ha ha!
On the ride home...after we stalked some fire trucks for a little bit...we headed home.  I asked him if he realized that this was a special once in awhile treat and that we could not do this all the time...he said he understood.  I followed that by telling him that I think I might just be the craziest mother in the entire planet for taking my 4 year old to the playground at 9pm at night! He also agreed with that statement!  Stinker!
I loved that we could create a fun memory that night.  That is something he will probably never forget for the rest of his life!  Was this totally insane?  Possibly.  Will he get to do it often? Probably not.  Will he ever forget it?  Doubt it.
Make special memories with your babies, time is too precious to give up on ALL crazy ideas...


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