Sunday, July 24, 2011

In Heaven...

Just lately, Brayden has been asking questions like "Daddy, where is your Daddy and Mommy, where is your Daddy?"  Ron and I have both been telling him that our Daddy's passed away and that they are in heaven with Jesus, God, our guardian angels, and our other family in heaven.  He was usually quite content with that until a few weeks ago.  One morning brayden asked me again:  And our convo went like this:

Brayden: Mommy, where is your Daddy?

Me: Bray honey, my Daddy is in heaven!

Brayden: Where is Daddy's Daddy?

Me: He is in heaven with my Daddy!
Insert: Brayden putting his pouty and sad head down with the utmost look of hearbreak on his face as he starts to sob a little.

Me: Bray, whats the matter honey?  It's ok to be sad, but both of your Grandpas are watching over you ALL the time bubby!  Why are you so sad love?

Brayden:  "BECAUSE!!!!  I don't have a Daddy in heaven!" 

You should have seen my freaked out husbands face when I told him that story!!!

Ron thinks Brayden knows something he doesnt know, and statements like that make him paranoid.  He gets freaked out whenever he has a headache of some sort!  Me on the other hand thinks its adorable, and nothing more than a cute statement from that of a three year old.  Guess that's how we balance each other out so well huh?

Hope you are still giggling.  I am ;-)

Summer 2010

This year has already been a very very busy year for us (can't you tell from my lack of blogging lately?).  I went back to work early in the beginning of the year, and Ron followed suit again shortly thereafter.  Brayden is now with a sitter for a few hours a day, and is really doing well with that.  He is having a lot of fun with his new friends, and the only thing he doesn't thoroughly enjoy is getting up early in the morning with Mommy to get ready to go.  He grumbles, re-snuggles into his pillows and acts like he does not even hear me!!!

Of course with all of that going on, Ron has just finished another season of the Babe Ruth prep league, regular season team and the all star teams.  His coaching was awesome this year, and he was even awarded for the 2011 Ray Angle Awward for Babe Ruth!  He was very proud, and it was VERY hard for me to keep it a secret for two weeks!  Me...keeping a secret!  I know~but I did it folks! Brayden of course had the time of his life again this season with his own little uniform to match the big kids, and he had tons of little kids to play with at each and every game we attended.  We even got to go out of town for All star championships this year and have a nice 4 days in a hotel was baseball for the boys, and LUXURY for Momma!  I truly enjoyed having this time with both of my boys as the days seem to get shorter and shorter as of late.

I have not really been doing much of anything except working (which I LOVE my job), and trying to keep up with and support Rons endeavors with baseball this summer.  Of course, the usual has taken place....Bray and Mommy time, playtime, pool time, and not much else.  We have spent weeks eating out, avoiding cleaning and laundry, and just relaxing with each other at each special moment we can.  I am going to start blogging again more regularly, as I have had an interesting last year and need to reflect on it in some ways.  Hope you are all enjoying your nice hot summer as well!  Will be back shortly with some pics and stories.