Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Our Brayden is almost a year old! He is growing up into a wonderful little boy! Brayden almost always has a smile on his face, and loves it when we kiss his face over and over again. He loves to recieve and give "buzzerboos" and giggles incessantly at Moose A Moose and Zee on Noggin. He is the most ticklish little boy-ever! His feet, arms, legs, neck, back, and chin! He loves to ride in Daddys arms while playing Airplane around the house. He loves to have Daddy toss him into the air and gut giggles the whole time. Brayden has grown to truly love baseball, and almost forgets to blink as he stares at the games in awe. Brayden loves to eat with his fingers, eating puffs, cheerios, peas and mashed potatoes. His words to date are Mama-Dadda-Wow, uh-oh, ba-ba, good, no, (grandma is mmmmmA!) Num-while eating and other little things that sound like other words here and there. Brayden officially took his first real step on his own August 14th! He has been standing up and cruising on furniture for a few weeks now. Brayden has 7 teeth, and loves to bite! We are trying to get him to understand the importance of not biting currently. He is starting to understand what no means, but does not listen. He crawls all over the place until his knees are bright red! People comment on his happy and calm disposition, he hardly ever cries! We are so happy and proud of him. We love you Brayden-Mommy and Daddy.

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