Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Almost 7 Months!!!

Brayden will be 7 months on the 5th. I cannot believe how much he has grown so fast, and how many things he is doing. He stands up holding onto me (without me holding him)... giggles to pieces over things, gets up on all fours (although he has not figured out the crawling thing yet)...and has justified reactions to things at his age. He loves to pull Mommys hair, and has even figured out how to grab those little wispy hairs so quickly and yank them with a smile on his face :-) Amazing. I cannot believe how time flies. He is such a great little boy. We go to Florida at the end of the month...more pics to come from that. I have been behind on the blog lately...so sorry. I promise I will keep it updated now! Love and Miss everyone. Hugs

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Tiffany said...

What a little pumpkin! So cute!