Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Our Snowbaby...12 Weeks and growing...

Brayden will be officially 12 weeks tomorrow November 28th. Its amazing how fast he has grown. He is starting to try and stand on his little "leggers", and he loves having his little "toe-zers" played with. (it's good that I am back to work...otherwise my entire vocabulary might have changed without some adult converstation!!!) We have also been learning all about animals and the sounds they make. He giggles out loud now when we sing and play, and he loves how the duck says "qwak, qwak qwak". He is an amazingly beautiful little boy that makes me smile every morning when I pick him up out of the bassinette. He smiles at the sight of Mommy and Daddy now, and he LOVES to watch winnie the pooh on tv. Grandma is coming home for Christmas, and we are so tickled and excited...she is going to be amazed at how much her Brayden Boy has grown.

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