Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our dear sweet Shadow...

Our dear Shadow of 15 years passed away the second week of March. She peacefully went in her sleep and we buried her at Stateline along with all of the other family dogs. It was very heartbreaking for Ron and I and our family and friends that loved her as well. Bacca and Brayden actually handled it very well.
Brayden asked me {about a week later}..."Mommy, where's Shadow?" I was honest and told him that sometimes when animals get sick, their isnt enough medicine to make them better and that animals dont live as long as poeple do, and that she passed away and went to heaven". He said "Well...when Shadow comes back Bacca will be happy!" I then had to really explain that going to Heaven meant she would not be coming back , and that she was dead, and she is no longer in pain, and is with God and our other family in heaven with our guardian angels" {he knows this from our prayers at night, so I went with that}. He walked away and started playing again with his play phone when I breathed a sigh of relief until I heard him say to his caller "Hi Shadow, its me...Brayden...how are you? Oh, really? Wow, yeah, uh huh, ok...bye!!!! He came running up to me and said very excitedly "Mommy!!!!!!!! I talked to Shadow and she is happy in heaven, and they gave her a band aid, and she is jumping on the trampoline and bounce house!!!" I got all excited with him, and when he walked away....I sobbed! It's amazing though that he embraced something I thought would devastate him.

Shadow {Pretty girl}...was a part of our family since 1997.  We got Bacca  a year later.  She was our little escape artist..she would dig under or climb over any fence we had.  She would "sass" you when you talked to her, and she loved whip cream, peanut butter and ice chips.  She never growled, never nipped, she was the sweetest happiest dog ever!  She would constantly give kisses and loved to play and run and frolic as many dogs do.  She had such an adventurous life, and loved riding in the car on our many road trips with her.  She would swim in our pool and hop around like a frog when we played rough with her...she would have me in stitches half the time.  She was such a wonderful part of our family.  Burying her was emotional, but in a good way.  The last few years arthritis plagued her and she slowly became miserable.  She would just sleep, eat and go potty. I felt relieved that is now in Heaven and no longer in pain.  There is true solice in that.  I hope her soul is still with us, and that she knows just how much we loved her!!!

We will greatly miss her!!! So...we are giving Bacca lots of love and attention right now! We love you pretty girl!

Update...long overdue

Well, I'll admit it...I feel like the long lost blogger these days.  I keep thinking "Oooh, Ill need to blog about that", except, I typically don't have time to do it these days anymore. 

This Momma has gone from Stay at home Mommy Status to back to work Mommy.  I received an offer for a career I just could not say no too.  I am now an Assistant Executive Director for Emeritus Senior Living.  I love it!  It does require a lot of my time and concentration, but it is also pushing me to go back to school this year as well to pursue my Bachelors in Business, then I plan to work on a Maters after that.  Needless to say, my home decor and furniture rehab projects have gone by the wayside {as well as cleaning my house lately!} lol.  The only I dislike about the whole thing is when I get home from work Brayden says to me "Mommy, are you done with work so you can spend time with me now?"  It breaks my heart, but it also motivates me to get on the floor and play when all I want to do is sleep for an hour or two! lol.

Brayden is growing as fast ever!  He is definitely going to be taller than me...and maybe Ron too!  He is counting, learning all of his letters, numbers, and is slowly working on reading right now.  He speaks so well for his age, and is constantly making us giggle with his remarks and personality.  He loves being home during the day with Daddy, and is learning everything he can about dinosaurs right now...{c/o: Dino Dan}.  I must say I am quite impressed with the names of the ones he knows currently...half of them I CANT pronounce...and he can!  All in all, he is a wonderful little guy.  I need to make an effort to document everything I can so Ill never forget these moments in his life.

Daddy is still at that Fire Department.  He loves it.  He was awarded First Responder this year at the banquet, received his EMT state certification, and just had his 1 year anniversary there last week.  During that week he was privileged enough to be able to assist in the delivery of a baby on the ambulance and received his first EMT First Responder Stork pin, and an article in the local newspaper!!!  He is also getting ready to start coaching Babe Ruth Baseball again this year and is gearing up for a whole summer full of all that it will entail!

I promise to get everyone caught up here in the next coming weeks.  Stay tuned!!!