Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This is AWESOME!!!

Yo Gabba that is...yes...Brayden's 3rd Birthday is right around the corner, and I have been working like a mad woman trying to make everything for his party.  A few months back we asked him what kind of party he wanted, and he insisted on Yo Gabba Gabba!!!  He named off a list of things he wanted which included Lemonade, chocolate covered strawberries, a chocolate Brobee cake, Brobee games, and strawberry ice cream.  He has NON STOP been talking about his party ever since.  He is inviting everyone he sees by saying "come to my party please?". 

So, I searched for supplies to buy, but fell short both with funds, and finding places to buy Yo Gabba themed items.  I did however find a whole host of ideas online from other savvy Momma's that have already thrown Gabba themed parties.  So...I have been creating at my dining room table for the last few weeks now.  So far....we have like 30 of these puffs...
All Yo Gabba primary colors of course.  I have also been painstakingly...{and that is NO understatement} been making these with tissue EVERY.SINGLE.CHARACTER.

We will also be having all of these fun things as well...ALL HANDMADE...

It has become nothing short of insane.  Not to mention our guest list is already over 100 people, 60 of which have RSVP'd they are coming.  We will have Yo Gabba music, games, a Brobee cake, ice cream, yummy food, balloons galore, Foofa wands, and Yo Gabba Land will be complete for the day!  I am so happy I can do this for Brayden, and he is sooooo excited.  I hope he loves his birthday party, and has a wonderful day. 

I will happily post pictures once all of my projects are complete, and add tutorials on how to make everything too!  Its been a TON of work, but will definitely be worth it.