Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Playing Baseball with Daddy

Over Memorial Day weekend, Ron took his nephew to the ball field to practice for awhile. Brayden was growing anxious because Daddy was on the field doing something without him. Needless to say, Ron ended up running the bases with Brayden, and he loved every second of it. Here are some funny pics Mommy took as I could not help myself. Brayden was in his glory. So was Daddy :-)

Getting ready to run the bases...



And he was fast that he lost this...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Thank you Tiffany Shaw!

I asked Tiffany Shaw, and very good, old friend of mine if she could help me figure out how to create a blog page similar to the one she had done on her own blog. Without hesitation, she wrote me an email offering to design it, and take on the project herself! How thoughtful! She has always been someone I have admired as she is a very selfless, giving, and genuine natured spirit. She is just an absolutely beautiful person. I am both very excited and proud of this page she created for us...picking out a special quote for us all by herself, and insuring it was one that reflected our feelings and our name :-) Thank you Tiff for your hard work on this page, it is well....perfect ;-)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

8 Months and a tooth...finally!

Brayden finally has a rigid end of a tooth coming in on the bottom left hand side of his mouth. I am so excited! I cannot believe it took this long! I don't have any pictures of it yet, but will be posting some soon.
Here are some fun pictures I took while on the way home from Florida. What a long and wonderful vacation it was. Thank you for everything, everyone...Brayden truly enjoyed himself, as did we. We miss everyone already. We will post lots of fun beach pictures this weekend...promise :-)
We are glad to be home though. We arrived to find beautiful tulips on the walkway up to the house, and everything in Jamestown is in bloom and green...very green. We can't wait to go back to visit though. Hugs to everyone!