Thursday, January 10, 2008

4 Months Old!!!

I cannot believe that 4 months has gone by so quickly. Brayden is doing more and more everyday. We bought him the Fisher Price Jumparoo the other day, and he gets in it, and jumps and jumps and jumps. He LOVES the playmat Grandma got him for Christmas, and the walker "santa" brought him as well. He is so stimulated by all of his toys...he lasts about 1/2 hr. in each...then he wants to snuggle :-) Our livingroom looks like the toy fairy hit house will never be the same again. That is a good thing though! He is figuring out the rolling over thing now, and just gut giggles at Daddy and I. He is finally consistantly sleeping all night long...about 10-11 hours each night...which is just amazing. He started cutting his first tooth yesterday, and we just feel so helpless to his pain. Baby tylenol and orajel seem to be helping, but he is drooling, and chewing on everything he can. We got some teething rings, he prefers them room temperature, not cold. So...we will keep everyone posted on his progress. Here are some pics from this last week.